Dressage Lessons Available! ?

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Covering the North West area!! Currently training AM/PSG level with international dressage riders Charlie Hutton and Ryan Todd. I aim to work with horse and rider with a sympathetic approach! Prices start at £30 for 45 minutes!!?

?? PetPlan Medium Champions 2019!!! ??

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I can’t believe it. Me and Gucci have just won the Medium Bronze Area Festival at Aintree!!! She’s such an amazing horse and I’m so lucky to call her my own! I’m not going to lie I had a cry when I knew we had won! ????? I’d like to say a huge thanks to Mum for taking me out all the time and for all of the support, Scott for always believing in me, Ryan and Charlie for all the training and everyone who helps me keep my horses in amazing condition, thank you so much! ? Also a [...]

Another Week Of Fun.

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I decided to give Gucci a few days off after filming the Blue ChipAll Star Academy. She thoroughly enjoyed being out in the field with Butina, I think they enjoyed themselves too much as I couldn't catch them!  ???? I rode both horses yesterday and put all Charlie taught me in to practice, Butina responded a lot better than I had thought, Gucci went and felt amazing. Missing the Blue chip ASA finalists,  all at Talland and the H&C Crew! ??

Post Filming The Blue Chip All Star Academy!

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So it's been a week since I've been down to Talland, what a week it's been!!  I have had the local newspaper contact me about my national results with Gucci at Hartpury, it was super exciting to speak with the sports reporter.  I managed to get my farrier Mark Barnard to put a shoe back on Butina, she was clearly having far too much fun in the field! He was so interested about my experience down at Talland. It was so nice everyone was keen to hear all about my incredible experience!  So it was back to the grindstone with [...]

My Experience At The Blue Chip All Star Academy!

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I have had a fantastic, once in a lifetime experience at The Blue Chip All Star Academy camp. This has been the most intense, tiring but utterly amazing event I have ever taken part in and I am very excited for everyone to see what we all got up too! Gucci was absolutely incredible the whole time we were at camp, she tried so hard every day and was a total pro-even in the jumping sections! My highlight has got to be lessons with Charlie and Pammy Hutton! I learnt so much and I am so [...]

I’ve Been Selected For The Blue Chip Academy!

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I am excited to announce that I have been selected for the 2016 Blue Chip Academy! This brand new series will be televised on Horse & Country tv! This is a fantastic opportunity and I am very proud to have been selected out of over a hundred talented riders in the UK! http://allstar-academy.tv/ I'd like to thank my amazing team and all my sponsors for making this possible! I wouldn't be able to do any of this without them. Big thanks to Dootson Designs for filming my audition tape. Check them out at www.dootsondesigns.co.uk

Perfect day at Red Earth Equestrian.

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I had an amazing day training both of my horses in the beautiful sunshine! Butina and I worked on suppleness and straightness whilst staying connected. We managed to work through her blockages, resulting in her relaxing and taking the neck down and forward which I was very pleased with! Gucci and I worked on engaging the hind more whilst staying loose, connected and relaxed. She gave me some fantastic work which allowed me to use lateral work to make sure she remained supple. I hope we can continue to progress in this way, super day! [...]

Crow Wood On Film.

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Some moments of Issy and Gucci at Crow Wood equestrian centre beautifully captured by Dootson Designs! www.dootsondesigns.co.uk

Great Day At Crow Wood.

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I had a fantastic training session with Butina at Crow Wood equestrian centre! This was her very first outing here, she was quite tense and spooky at first as it was raining heavily and very windy! After 30 minutes she settled down and tried her hardest to concentrate. We rode through a few dressage tests ready for her first dressage competition! Success!